Welcome to Star City Pride

Star City Pride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to accomplish the following goals:


To educate and raise awareness of the general public as to the presence of homosexual (lesbian and gay), bisexual, and transgender individuals in their communities.
To foster an understanding and acceptance of such individuals so as to eliminate prejudice, discrimination and defend human and civil rights.
To sponsor and promote educational programs and events, including an annual pride festival to foster such understanding and to celebrate the diversity within communities so as to ultimately achieve unity, harmony and equality.

News & Announcements

The Star City Pride Board of Directors is excited to announce that Pride 2016 will be held July 8-9 at the Pinnacle Bank Arena Festival Lot.

The change of venue will allow us to grow our event in many different ways; we will be able to bring in larger entertainment acts, host more youth activities, provide on-site parking, allow for an all-inclusive crowd, and increase the total number of vendors that attend.

With this exciting change in venue we will be requiring a small entry fee for admittance to help with the cost of the festival space. We will have a Pre-Sale Ticket Purchase option on our website, which will be available soon. Of course you will be able to buy admittance tickets at the event as well. However, we encourage you to partake in the Pre-Sale because it will be at a discounted rate.

The rates will be:

• Pre-Sale 1- day pass for $5, or both days for $8.

• Day of the event admittance will be 1-day for $6, or both days for $9.

• Parking will be on site and free during the entire event.

Many of us on the current Board of Directors and actively participating in the Corporation have been involved with Star City Pride since its inception, and are excited to see this change. The event has gone from having just a few hours in a park, to many years of being outside the Panic, and now to the Pinnacle Bank Arena Festival Lot.

We would like to thank the owners of the Panic for their years of support and hard work they personally have put into Star City Pride. They not only provided a safe and welcoming space to host Pride at for many years, they also put in a great deal of their own time and resources to make it happen each year.

We would also like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support for Star City Pride. It takes a community to make Pride happen and we have had so much support from ours that we couldn’t be more thankful. To those of you who helped out over the years by volunteering, donating, being vendors or sponsoring the event, we thank you. If it weren’t for all of you, we would not be able to make this big move. Because of your support, we are able to make Star City Pride bigger and better in 2016!!

Please stay tuned for the Pre-Sale of Pride tickets as well as Sponsor/Vendor/Advertisement applications to be added to our website soon.


Vadra Stutzman, President

Riley Huskey, Vice President

Kimmer Brudigan, Treasurer

Kephanie Misko, Secretary

Nellie Spangler, 501(c)3 Coordinator

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