Here are the qualifications to be nominated for either one of these positions:


·         Must be a resident of the state of Nebraska.

·         An active member of the corporation (see requirements for a corporation member below).

·         Must have attended at least 3 regular meetings during the previous fiscal year (August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017).

o   OR volunteered before, during or after the annual Pride festival (dates of July 7th & 8th).

o   OR served on a committee for the annual Pride festival

o   OR served as an officer on the Board of Directors previously.


Here are the qualifications of a corporation member:


·         Any person residing inside the state of Nebraska who has within the previous fiscal year (August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017):

·         Attended at least one corporation meeting 

·         OR volunteered at a Corporation Event; which includes but not limited to:

o   Volunteer at the Star City Pride festival during the dates of July 7th & 8th

o   Performed in an SCP drag show during the previous fiscal year

o   Participated in the Gay Amazing Race

o   Brought food for ‘FRIENDS’giving

o   Sat on the Dunk Tank

o   Played in the Golf Tournament

o   Played in April 19th Pitch Tournament

·         OR been involved in work with one of the Corporation subcommittees for the Pride festival itself.


Open Positions:


The Vice President

The Vice President shall, when the President is absent, disabled or unable to act, perform the duties andexercise the powers of the President, unless otherwise prescribed herein, and shall perform other dutiesas the Board of Directors shall from time to time prescribe.


The Treasurer

1.            The Treasurer shall have the principal responsibility for maintaining the financial and accountingrecords of the Corporation.  The Treasurer shall have responsibility for the preparation of financial reportsas the Corporation may require.  The Treasurer shall perform other duties and have other authority asmay be prescribed elsewhere in these Bylaws, by the Corporation or the President under whose directsupervision s/he shall work.  The Treasurer shall have the general duties, powers, and responsibilities of a treasurer of a corporation.


2.            Required by the Board of Directors, the Treasurer shall give the Corporation a bond, in a sum andwith one or more sureties satisfactory to the Board, for the faithful performance of the duties of her/hisoffice and for the restoration to the Corporation, in the case of her/his death, resignation, retirement, or removal from office, of all books, papers, vouchers, money and other property of whatever kind inher/his possession or under her/his control that belong to the Corporation.


3.            Must pass a background check, precluding any misdemeanor, or felony regarding theft.