Did YOU miss this Premiere?

There most certainly are 2 chorus groups that have emerged in Lincoln this past year. A new thing! We LOVE those! And we cannot wait to show them off to you! Introducing our Saturday evening choir group, Queer Choir! They put on an amazing premiere at Das Haus earlier this week, and we have no doubt, they’ll do the same for you Saturday June 18th. If you missed them at their premiere, don’t miss it. If you saw the premier, come see it again! It’s worth it!

Queer Choir Lincoln is a community choir open to LGBTQIA+ folx of all walks, and is currently comprised of 60 members. This group was founded by artistic director Juju Tyner in March, 2022 after an epiphany that there was a massive gap in opportunities for and representation by queer folx in the music performance scene in Lincoln. We have professional and community choirs here, but most are affiliated with churches (triggers for many), and/or require musical training. Further, as singing is a truly vulnerable experience, it also became glaringly apparent that a safe space for our trans singers was all but non-existent. Das Haus provides our community an invaluable venue for drag shows by our extraordinarily talented queens, kings, and entertainers to bless us, and Karaoke Night for our bravest amateur solo singers to express themselves. But there haven’t yet been opportunities for any and all to create vocal music as an ensemble, with a music director, in a safe space. So Queer Choir was born, and Das Haus is our home base. Queer Choir’s mission is twofold: to entertain, and to stir up some good trouble in this town. Our “Treblemakers” will not only be doing shows and concerts featuring arrangements of non-traditional choral repertoire (more like songs you’d find on a Pride playlist), but also social justice work. Stonewall was a riot, and representation matters. Using our voices to speak up through song is why you’ll find us at protests. It’s why you’ll find us raising funds for candidates that work to create systemic change. Queer Choir is Lincoln’s new Rainbow Connection. We’re here to show our true colors and above all, to give love, give love, give love.