Special Announcement- A Call to Unity

We are just two short days from the very first Star City Pride Parade!

9:00 am – Find a good place to watch the Parade!
9:15 am  – We Turn up the Music
9:30 am – Announcements and Introductions of our Grand Marshals
10:00 am – The 2021 Star City Pride Parade Begins!

We have a few helpful tips so you can fully enjoy your experience! 

1. Arrive early. We anticipate the crowds will be large and you’ll want a prime space to sit or stand.
2. If you want to sit, bring a chair! If you bring an umbrella for shade, please be mindful of those around you.
3. We have been notified there will be well-known protestors at the event. Please do not engage with these individuals. Their rhetoric will be hateful, but we will rise together and celebrate Pride in unity and love for our fellow humans.
4.  Enjoy!! Although city ordinance doesn’t allow for candy or items to be thrown to the crowds, we are extremely excited for the opportunity to celebrate Pride in Lincoln like never before!
Spectators of all ages are welcome! See you on Saturday!!!! starcitypride.org/parade
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