SCP Pageant Information – Entry Fee


Thank you for your interest in becoming one of the next in a long line of Star City Pride Royalty. Please review the information on this page before adding this entry-fee to your cart. Once you submit your payment, you will receive a downloadable PDF that you will print out, sign, and turn in at the Pageant meeting being held the day of the Pageant. Please avoid the late fee and enter today! Deadline December 10th!

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Sunday, Dec 19, 2022, 9:30pm

DAS HAUS Lincoln – 1640 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508


Applicant Requirements

  • Proof of COVID 19 vaccination is required to compete
  • Current titleholders and past SCP Titleholders (that have completed a successful reign) are allowed and encouraged to compete. It is only asked that during their reign, SCP Royalty not pursue other titles (see ‘Titleholder Requirements’ for more info).
  • Contestant must submit their application by paying their entry/application fee of $40.00 online at, before December 10, 2021. If entry fee is received after that date, a $10.00 late fee will be added to entry fee accordingly. No entry will be accepted after December 17, 2021.
  • Following online payment, applicant will receive a file containing all Pageant Information/Rules/Requirements. Please read, print, complete, and sign the document. Applicant will turn in signed document at the Pageant Meeting.
  • Contestant may not participate in the Star City Pride Pageant without having first paid their entry fee online, including any late fee, if applicable.
  • Contestant must be a resident of Nebraska and 19 years of age or older.

Pageant Meeting Rules

  • The SCP Royalty Pageant meeting will be held at 2:00pm Sunday December 19, 2021, at The Foundry Community. A person will be at the entrance to let you in and direct you to the meeting location. This meeting is required for contestant and their personal assistant if they have one.
  • At this meeting, Contestant are required to present the following.

Valid proof of full COVID 19 vaccination. There is no exception to this rule.

A signed hard copy of this full Pageant Application document (this document will have been emailed to applicant following their online payment).

One (1) 5 x 7 index card labeled with their stage name. Card will include a description of their Pride Wear and their Evening Wear, their preferred pronouns, and any other pertinent info for the emcee. Please keep descriptions brief and to the point. Only one (1) index card is allowed for this.

If there are any special lighting, staging, or video cues, please make note of them on one (1) separate 5 x 7 index card.

Personal assistant: Contestant is allowed one (1) personal assistant backstage and they must be present at this meeting. Personal assistant is required to show proof of vaccination and will be given any further information at this time. Once personal assistant is verified and checked in, they cannot be changed, no exceptions. If personal assistant is not present at this meeting, Contestant will not be allowed a personal assistant.

Back-up dancers/performers are not required to attend this meeting, but it is recommended. Each Contestant is required to provide the name and proof of vaccination for each performer. If both are not provided, this person will not be allowed to perform or enter backstage area at the Pageant.

  • Each contestant will draw numbers to see who Contestant #1 will be, #2, #3, etc. After all numbers are drawn, if any Contestant wishes to trade their number with another Contestant, they may do so at this time and ONLY at this time. Once numbers are drawn and swaps are made (if any), Contestant numbers are final.

If additional assistance is needed or if there are any questions, don’t hesitate to email or contact Amelia Parke-Shakers or Ron Royer directly. They will be happy to assist in any way possible.

Pageant Rules


Pride Presentation/Introduction (60 points total)

  • Contestant should use their imagination to display what Pride means to them.
  • Contestant is strongly encouraged to pick any flag(s) and represent!
  • Contestant will introduce themselves to the Judges and Audience.
  • During the time the contestant is on stage they are expected to make sure their overall presentation package (image, attitude, and introduction) is appropriate to their flag(s).
  • Contestant will remain on stage until dismissed by the emcee.

Formal Wear (120 points total)

  • This category is not limited to an evening gown or tuxedo.
  • Contestant will show their style while displaying a formal look.

Question and Answer (120 points total) 

  • Contestant 1 will select a question at random. All Contestants will be asked the same question.
  • Each Contestant will be asked the question on stage, immediately following their Formal Wear walk

Talent (300 points total)

  • Contestant will have up to 7 minutes to show their talent, style, and ability.

Contestant Music

  • Contestant is required to submit music for their Talent and Victory numbers (music can also be provided for other categories, but this is not required) no later than 5pm Thursday, December 16, 2021. Music will not be accepted after this date.
  • Send music to Send each category as a separate email. Clearly indicate stage name and category in the subject line of each email.
  • Contestant will get confirmation, prior to the deadline, of what has been received.


  • Contestants are required to arrive at the Venue by 8:30pm (one hour prior to pageant start time). After 8:30pm, Ten (10) points will be deducted for every five (5) minutes contestant is late. After 9:00pm, Contestants not present will be disqualified, will not be allowed to enter venue, and application fee will not be refunded. Regardless of the reason, there is no exception to this rule.
  • Contestants are to check in immediately with an Entertainment Committee Representative so check in time can be notated and further instruction can be given.
  • Personal assistants are to check in immediately with an Entertainment Committee Rep so the time can be noted. If they have not checked in by 9:00 pm, they will not be allowed backstage during the Pageant. Regardless of the reason, there is no exception to this rule.
  • There will be a brief meeting with all contestants after all contestants have checked in.  A Pageant Representative will quickly go over the criteria for the night and answer any questions Contestants may have.
  • A private Judges meeting will be held following Contestant meeting
  • The two Contestants with most overall points will be crowned Star City Pride Royalty. If only 2 Contestants compete, Contestant must earn a minimum of 70% of the overall possible points to be crowned.
  • Contestants are always held fully accountable for their personal attendant and/or backup performers during the Pageant. If Contestant or anyone assisting/performing with them brings outside alcohol or illegal drugs into venue, or breaks any other venue rules or state laws, this will be cause for immediate disqualification of the Contestant and removal from venue. Application fee will not be refunded.
  • Immediately following Formal Wear/Question & Answer, back up performers will be allowed backstage. They must all exit backstage as quickly as possible following their Contestant’s Talent number.
  • Backup performers for the contestants will be required to pay the cover charge to enter the venue. Please inform Contestant backup performers prior to the event of this rule so there is no confusion.
  • Contestants and their personal attendant are not to have any contact with the judges or tabulators of the Pageant. If it is reported that this has occurred, there will be an investigation into the accusations (i.e., traded tips, assistance, costuming, etc.). If accusations are found to be true, Contestant and judge (along with their scoring) will be disqualified, and the entry fee will not be refunded.
  • Tipping of Contestants, Assistants, or Backup Performers is not allowed of contestants during any Category of the competition. Tips can be accepted during Contestant Victory number only. Accepting a tip during the competition is cause for immediate disqualification of Contestant.
  • Tipping of all other performers during the Pageant is strongly encouraged!

SCP Royalty Requirements

  • Star City Pride Royalty are considered representatives of Star City Pride. They are expected to behave as such, always, during their reign. They should always be kind and respectful to everyone, in person and on social media.
  • SCP Royalty will follow venue policies and will always be polite to venue staff.
  • SCP Royalty should do their best to be ready and available to perform and represent Lincoln, the Star City, in any way they can. SCP has many events in 2022 and we’d love Royalty to be a part of as much as possible.
  • SCP Royalty must remain a resident of Nebraska until the end of their reign.
  • SCP Royalty cannot run for other titles during their reign unless the title is on a national level. Should they compete and qualify in preliminaries, keep SCP in the loop so we can assist/sponsor you in any way we can.
  • Star City Pride Royalty will hold a victory show together on March 4, 2022, at Das Haus.
  • SCP Royalty are required to each hold their own SCP Benefit at Das Haus. These dates have already been booked by SCP and can be selected from. The event is the full responsibility of Royalty and Designated SCP Representative(s). Just let SCP know in what ways we can help.
  • SCP Royalty are required to each hold their own additional show/event at a venue of their choosing. Coordinate the date/venue rules/cover/etc. of the event with the venue and SCP. An events Committee Representative will assist with this process in any way needed.
  • SCP Royalty are required to hold a Stepdown Show together at Das Haus. This benefit will be scheduled by SCP with the venue.
  • SCP Royalty are required to perform and participate at the 2022 SCP Parade and Festival Events. They are scheduled for June 17 &18, 2022.
  • At SCP Benefits, the money earned from the venue (cover and donations made to SCP by venue and attendees) go to Star City Pride. Performance tips go to the individual performer that accepts them. Performers will choose how much (if any) they would like to give to SCP in the bucket provided. Though we do appreciate performer donations, we completely understand each performers decision to keep their tips. Always encourage donating in a positive light.
  • SCP Royalty, while hosting, are responsible for making sure the backstage area is cleared up after the show. If Royalty are performing in someone else’s show they should always be responsible for their area and clean up after.
  • When booked in any show SCP Royalty should always be announced and recognized as such. SCP Royalty is required to be on time, prior to the start of any show, and remain at that venue until the show’s end unless it is unavoidable and been discussed in advance with an SCP Representative and/or show host.
  • SCP Royalty under the age of 21 (as with those over 21) are required to abide by the rules and requirements of any establishment that serves alcohol. Please keep Show Producer informed at time of booking so arrangements can be made with the venues.
  • SCP Royalty are encouraged and welcome to go above and beyond the minimum requirements by hosting and or performing in any extra fundraising events and will almost always be contacted to see if they can perform, attend, or participate in these events and SCP Event & Entertainment Meetings.
  • The Events & Entertainment Committee would appreciate a Royal in attendance at monthly meetings. Coordinate with a representative and their counterpart to try to have Royalty representation and hopefully participate in these meetings as much as possible.
  • Titleholders are held fully accountable for their personal attendants and/or backup performers at all events.
  • Titleholders or anyone assisting them brings alcohol or drugs into ANY venue or breaks any venue rules or state laws, this would be cause for immediate relinquishment of title and removal from venue.
  • Once someone is Crowned SCP Royalty and for as long as they remain in good standing with the community, they will always be considered as such. We will always encourage Royalty to continue their relationship with SCP and participate in events and meetings when they can.
  • If an SCP Royal is unable to follow the above rules, or if SCP is unable to contact them, or finds just cause, SCP reserves the right to relinquish their title. The titleholder’s crown, sash, and any monetary prize awarded the night of the Pageant must be returned to SCP. If the Titleholder were to not return said prizes, the Star City Pride Board will use all legal means available to retrieve the items. This could also be cause for banishment from performing in future SCP Events and, depending on the venue’s discretion, any other party assisting them may be asked to not return to the venue.
  • Any person relinquished of their title will not be asked to perform in future Star City Pride Events.


  • The winners of the Star City Pride Royalty titles will each receive a Crown and a Sash, plus $200 of the night of the Pageant.
  • Upon completion of their Stepdown Show, SCP Royalty will each receive an additional $200 cash.